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The factory divisions are manufacturing, procurement and production control. We use SMT automated production devices for manufacturing. To enhance efficiency and reduce failure ratio, we set up test fixture for testing.

The main test equipments are listed as follows:

Test Equipments

Facility Manufacturer Model No. Q'ty
O/S Tester KY - 1
Functional Test Equipment KY - 20
Oscilloscope HP 54600B 5
Frequency Counter GW GFC-8055G 2
Signal Generator GW GFC-8015G 2
RF Signal Generator GW GFC-8015G 4
Spectrum Analyzer ANRITSU MS2610B 3
Network Analyzer HP 8920A 2
Universal Frequency Counter/Calibrator FLUKE PM6685R 1
Digital Radio Communication Tester ROHDE & SCHWARZ CMD60 1
10K~1GHz Signal Generator MARCONI 2022D 2
Tracking Generator ANRITSU MH680A1 1
EMI Shielding Room - - 1
Temperature Chamber KSON THS-D-H-150 2
Water Leakage Tank KY - 3
Air Leakage Tester Fukuda FL-4000L 3
Vibration Tester Vibration Source Tech. - 1
Burn In Room - VS1000VH/TBH0606 2
Temperature Humidity Chamber Wit Group TH-4P-C 1

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