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Kylink’s field telephone KY-2000A provides reliable and secure communications for your need in field. The advantages of lightweight,water proof,vibration proof, shock proof and collocate with carry bag for easy movement. How to maintain an effective command at short notice and rapidly deploy in field? KY-2000A is your best choice.

KY-2000A field telephone has passed the following strict test; its design is oriented for extreme environment use especially for military, mining industry and petroleum company. A carry bag has been included for moving deftly in field.

  ‧ Drop from 1.22 meter height
  ‧ 84 minutes vibrate from X,Y,Z axial
  ‧ 72 hours thermal shock cycling from 23~60 C degree

   ● DTMF/DP (CB), PTP (LB) mode switch
   ● Ring, busy LED indicator
   ● Line circuit test button
   ● Ring generator button
   ● PTT handset
   ● Ringer volume adjustable
   ● Redial

   ● Line impedance (CB): 600 Ω (Ohms)
   ● Dial Pulse: 10 pps, Make/Break 2:1
   ● DTMF: - 9dBm ± 3dBm, ITU-T compliant
   ● Operating voltage: 4.5 VDC
   ● Operating current : < 5mA (LB mode)
   ● Ring voltage: 85±10Vrms (No load), frequency 20±2Hz
   ● Commuication range: 20km (LB mode)
   ● Weight:1.4 kg (without battery)
   ● Dimension: 80 x 120 x 214 mm (H x W x L)

Environmental characteristics:
   ● Humidity: 0 ~ 95%
   ● Operation temp: -35°C ~ +63°C
   ● Operates under rain

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